Monday, August 4, 2008

Catnip anyone?

more cat pictures

My neighbours brought me some fresh catnip from the garden the other day, and I offered it to my 3 kitties. With the two younger ones (Rebus and Fiona) being so manic in the evening, I have to wonder why I did it. Well, SOMEBODY had to!!

Rebus just sniffed at it then went completely ballistic, jumping and attacking the little sprig I left on the floor for him. He then went out of his way to attack my arm, hand and anything of me that was in close range.

Fiona just screwed up her face and rolled all over the floor, and Hamish wanted to eat whatever I had in my hand, drooling all over me while he did so.

It seems that fresh catnip is a bit too powerful for these kittehs, so I'll have to put my food dehydrator to good use and dry it to make it less overwhelming for them!

My sister's cat Lizzie (as in you get an idea of what she is like!), goes out at night and gets into the neighbour's catnip garden. Apparently, Lizzie comes home much later and is out of control for hours. Mona calls Lizzie her 'little catnip whore".

The picture above shows perfectly what Rebus looked like after he got a good whack of catnip on board. I love my little kittehs!!

This one shows what Fiona is like when she goes nutty in the evenings!!

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