Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day




Ok, I'm not a mother of 2-legged kids, but I do have three 4-legged babies who are my life. God gave me Hamish, who chose me (rather than me choosing him) when I visited the Upper Credit Humane Society. He just sat in the cat room, watching me while I visited with the other kitties, and then deigned to allow me to visit with him....after that I was hooked, and he found his forever home!
Rebus and Fiona, along with their sister were dumped at the Halton Regional Police station in Georgetown. They were only 4 weeks old, and needed to be hand-raised by foster parents, before they could be adopted.

Hamish isn't too happy with the kittens, at times he tolerates them and occasionally will give them little lovies. For the most part however, he acts like a curmudgeonly old uncle, hissing at them when they get in the way, and most of the time they seem to shrug it off. On the odd occasion both Hamish and Rebus get into it, and Hamish has gotten some nasty scratches on his nose. If they'd only sit still when I try to trim their nails, that wouldn't happen! But do they listen to me? Oh no.....that would be too easy for me, and goodness knows making my life easy just wouldn't do!

My furniture is shredded, covered in hair (hey, that's why they call it FURniture), and there are always little bits of litter tracked through the house. But when they come running to meet me when they hear the key in the door, and all three of them end up on the bed with me at night, that's when I know I'm blessed. God may not have wanted me to have children of my own, but he showed me how to love when he gave me my three furry babies.

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